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Exploring the Indus Valley


Picture 5

This week, we  dig deeper into our research about Ancient India.  At the BBC Primary History Indus Valley website, you will  select an area to explore, research your topic, take notes, analyze pictures, graphics, videos, and timelines, test your knowledge with quizzes, and share key concepts in our comment section of this blog post.

Here is your Primary History – Indus Valley Note-Taking Paper for the research project.

Have fun, sixth-grade scholars / historians!

Prepare for Theme 4 Test


Theme 4 Problem Solvers


Our Houghton-Mifflin theme 4 skills test is Friday.  Prepare for the test by completing the following activities.  Then leave a comment about your work below.

Comprehension Skill

  1. Test your ability to infer and draw conclusions
  2. Take this quick test on drawing conclusions

Word Analysis / Spelling Skills

  1. Test your knowledge of the prefixes re, mis, and ex
  2. Test your knowledge of the prefixes pre, con, and com
  3. Check your understanding of vccv syllables with this video

Grammar Skills

  1. Check your knowledge of irregular verbs with this game
  2. Check your understanding of comparative and superlative adjectives with this game