Welcome to our Rankin-File Writing Blog!

We are a 6th grade class of English Language Learners (ELLs) at Pomona Elementary School (Go Panthers!) in Newport Mesa Unified School District.

The purpose of our blog is to provide a safe, instructive place to practice, share, and improve our writing skills.  Express!  Impress!! Press on!!!

Our blog’s goal is to provide: 1) the opportunity to write, 2) a reason for writing, 3) a genuine audience, 4) access to role models, 5) useful feedback, 6) a safe environment, 7) and a sense of community for our writers.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to write.  Writing is a process.  Writing is empowering and fun.  Technology supports our writing skills.

Express!  Impress!! Press on!!! 🙂

Ms. Rankin & the 6th Grade Writers and Bloggers


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  1. Hello from Sacramento to Ms. Rankin’s class!

    I love your haiku project. And what great images to go with your creative work!

    I’ll talk about your blog to some teachers who will be here on October 14 & 15 and ask them to read your cool writing projects.

    Have a great school year.

    Ms. Marceta

    • Ms. Marceta,

      Thank you so much for looking at our blog and leaving an encouraging comment. It is exciting to receive a comment from someone who lives and works in our state’s capitol of Sacramento.

      Ms. Rankin

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