RCD Unit 1 – Early Beginnings

Vocabulary: anthropologist, archaeologist, artifact, artisan, astronomer, caravan, city-state, civilization, code, complex, consist, cuneiform, domesticate, empire, fossil, interval, irrigation, nomad, province, revolution, route, scribe, specialization, surplus, task, technology

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  1. I see you have been hard at work already-can’t wait to dig in and see what you have uncovered and share what we can do with the iPad – not much now, but a lot when the kids get their own devices. Looks like you are starting with the agricultural revolution – I’ll bring resources to share about the overall background/context of early humans we can use as an intro, even though they won’t go into it in depth until later in their educational careers. Some of the other 6th grade teachers are bringing resources to share our first Wednesday back, too. I’m sure they will be interested in your blog.

    Hope you’re having a great summer!


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