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Independent Research Project


BrainHi Great Brains!

During the next eight weeks, you will complete a Great Brain Independent Research Project.  Here are some materials you will need for success:

6th Grade Research Project (PPT Introduction)

101 Research Paper Topics (List)

Bibliography Examples (Examples and Link)

Finding a Passion for Research (Choose a Topic Activity)

Great Brain Independent Research Project (Project Description)

Great Brain Independent Research Project – Spanish (Description in Spanish)

Great Brain Independent Research Project Reflection

GATE Showcase Projects 2012 (PPT)

Independent Study Research Cards (How to Organize Your Folder)

Independent Study Research Folder (Picture of Research Folder)

KWL Chart for Research

Online Essay Map (Website to Make Essay Map)

Outline for a Research Paper

Self Evaluation – 5 Paragraph Essay

Self Evaluation – Bibliography

Self Evaluation – Final

Self Reflection – Index Cards

Self Reflection – KWL Chart

Self Evaluation – Outline

Self Evaluation – Table of Contents and Chapter Notes

What is a periodical?

Writing a Research Report (Example of Writing Stages)

Picture 1

Here are some videos to get your started:

  1. Choose a writing topic for an informational text
  2. Develop a research question
  3. Find answers to research questions by skimming texts for evidence
  4. Plan writing for an informational text
  5. Group research into categories to plan informational writing
  6. Write an introduction for an informational text
  7. Draft an informational, research-based writing
  8. Organize ideas in informational writing using headingsPicture 3
  9. Write a conclusion for an informational text
  10. Add text features to informational writing

Here are some kid-friendly online research sources:

Awesome Library

Encyclopedia Britannica

Fact Monster

ipl2 for Kids

KidsClick Web Search

National Geographic Kids

Scholastic News Weekly Reader (use Ren login)

Scholastic News (Sweet Sounds of Trash)

Time for Kids

Have fun building greater brains, Great Brains!

Ms. Rankin

Bonus Feature: (It will blow your mind!)