Ancient India


Ancient-India-Pictures2This month, we begin our study of Ancient India in our RCD unit entitled “Stability and Change.”

Overview:  The earliest civilizations developed on the Indus River where the peoples’ wealth grew from their successful economy in trading food and goods.  When the Aryans settled in India, they established Sanskrit, a caste system, and the foundation of Hinduism.  You will explore how the people in India met their spiritual needs and expressed themselves in the arts.  You will also refine your skills as you compare and contrast multiple religions, literary genres, and text structures.

Vocabulary Resources:  

Academic eFlashcards

Glossary eFlashcards

People/Places/Events Flashcards

Combined Flashcards

Research Resources:

Chapter Overview

Hinduism and Buddhism Chart

Hinduism and Buddhism PPT

Primary History  Indus Valley

Test Yourself!:

Concentration Game

Self-Check Quiz


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