Our Online Poetry Exhibit and Competition


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

Our 4th-grade class is honored to present our end-of-year online poetry exhibit and competition.  In our Poetry Album, we exhibit selected poems from our Positively-Popular, Published Poetry Project.  We invite you to view our poetry collection, breathe in each poem, and vote for your favorite five!   Our online poll remains open from June 1 – June 8.

Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry. ~ Muriel Rukeyser

Here again is the link to our Poetry Album; please view all three pages of the album (we suggest “View as a Slideshow”) to enjoy each published poem:

Album of Poems

Thank you, Miss Yee, for introducing us to PhotoBucket so we could effectively and efficiently display our poems in an album.  Please contact Miss Yee, Ms. Rankin or a 4th-grade poet for the password to our Poetry Album.

Express, impress, press on!


Ms. Rankin & Miss Yee’s Pod of Poets



About Martha Rankin

I'm an educator for Newport-Mesa USD. I want to continually see things in new ways. I find inspiration in Gandhi's challenge: "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

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