Poetry ~ Truth In Its Sunday Clothes

A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.  W. H. Auden
This week we  begin our poetry unit.  We will explore and compose acrostic poems, alphabet alliteration poems, and cinquain poems.  We thank Ms. Renz and her 4th-grade class for her positively popular poetry project! 🙂
Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes. ~Joseph Roux
Here is a useful reference for you to use in the future!

About Martha Rankin

I'm an educator for Newport-Mesa USD. I want to continually see things in new ways. I find inspiration in Gandhi's challenge: "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

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  1. The antique apple adds amusing, albeit annoying, aromas.
    Bouncy bears bang on the blaring bongos.
    Crumbling cookies create crummy crumbs.
    The daring dog digs in the deep dump.
    Earnest Ernie energetically eats elegant eggs.

  2. A-Areli is always an amazing friend.
    A-Are you an accurate anteater that always gives amazing answers?
    A-Are April and August all months?
    B-Big bears live near Big Bear Lake because the bees there make magnificent honey!
    C-Can you please bring me my milk covered cat?
    D-Dear dead Daphne…
    E-Is your eye an exotic everlasting item?

  3. The girl added an apple for her science project so she can achieve.
    Buzzing bees fly around Brazil.
    Cats cry when I take their phones while texting Catwoman.
    Boy dogs relax with lemonade while girl dogs do all the work.
    Every egg dies while wacthing their mother die.

  4. Amazing alligators like to attack fresh apples.

    Bionic bad boys are better than bad baby sitters.

    Colored birds never cross the C.

    Ducks die before they see a dad.

    Every eagle likes eating scrambled eggs.

  5. Andy the Alligator likes alliteration poems.
    Benny the Bear has big brown fur.
    Cart the Cat catches corn, carrots, and cat food each week.
    Danny the Duck ducks to the other side of the pond to see the other ducks.
    Eddie the Kid loves to play Evil Elves 2.

  6. A. The lazy alligator lives in Alabama.
    B. The lazy bear borrowed a banana from the monkey.
    C. The confident cat thinks he is to cool for school.
    D. Some of the lazy dads don’t want to do the dishes.
    E. Elizabeth wants to buy an elephant, but it won’t fit in the car so she was riding on its back.

  7. My alligator lived in Antarctica.
    Benny Bear was drinking a bottle of beer.
    The caterpillar brushed her crown.
    Daffy duck went up the hill.

  8. Angels advanced on his accelerated math.
    Baby sister likes to kick a big ball.
    The colorful computer can be in the class.
    The dancing dog was dancing downstairs.
    The excited elephant was eager to come.

  9. Angels have an amazing career.
    Busy bees buzz around with their bushy fur.
    Crazy cats scratch couches and cry.
    Dads are lazy while dogs dig.
    Enthusiathc eagles eat rotten eggs.

  10. Alligators attack fresh apples.
    Bees buzz around Brazil.
    Cat-women cries like a cat when I take her cellphone.
    Dogs dig down deep.
    Eagles eat rotten eggs.

  11. Ms. Rankin talked about Alaska apples.
    Big bears eat bananas while doing the dishes.
    The chair is crawling around like a baby cat.
    The small brown dog was digging in the park.
    The enthusiastic elephant was elected to eat the edibles at the eatery.

  12. A lonely alligator ate an apple with an ape.

    Big black bears eat blueberries.

    Crazy chickens fly around their chicklings.

    The duck and the dog became a dancing couple on the dance floor.

    A flying elephant and an eagle flew over Europe.

  13. 1. My friends and I like to do alliteration in my little attic.
    2. Bad monkeys do not get good bananas.
    3. My cat does not want to go on a catwalk to the store.
    4. “Daddies that do not do the dishes do not get candy,” says mommy.
    5. My friend Elfie says candy is excellent for your teeth.

  14. An amazing anteater likes to eat apples.:) 🙂 🙂
    Brown bears babysit babies. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Cats cry when I take their ipads away while chatting with Cat Woman.
    Dumb ducks go to the south during summer. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. An apple was made into good applesauce.:) 🙂
    The alligator and the ant were talking about a party.:) 🙂
    The bear had to eat the hair from the bathroom so he ate a broomstick.:) 🙂
    The bear lived in Brazil, and he went to the beach and ate a baby sister.:) 🙂
    The cat is in the cake, and he licked the man’s face.:) 😦
    The crazy chair was dancing crazily.:) 🙂
    Dad does the work while mom relaxes and see the dad wash the dish and make the food and clean the room.:):)
    The kid named Edi was at the end of the test.:) 🙂

  16. A class helper is always classical because they like classical music.
    Daffy the duck is always daffy.
    Edi the elephant is always eating eating enjoying peanuts.

  17. Angels accelerate their speed when they are flying.

    Ben the Ball was big and tall.

    Crash a car to the top of a mountain.

    Doritos are dry and are fried in a pan.

  18. Anteaters like ants; they think they are apples!

    In Brazil broomsticks are shaped like bananas.

    Tom Cat always catches Carlos the Mouse.

    Daffy Duck was dancing on the dance floor.

    Edgar the Eagle was hitting another eagle.

  19. An alligator attack me.

    An angel gave me an anteater.

    Billy the Bear blasted to Brazil.

    Brown Bears braiding my sister’s beauiful hair.

    Brown Bears eating the monkey’s hair.

    Cats captured my mom’s hair.

    Dogs determined to dig holes.

    Eagles eating dinaours eggs.

  20. Anteaters always eat ants at the awesome action park at night.

    Bears bring bread back home.

    Cats think they’re too cool for high school.

    Donald Duck dances down.

  21. Alligators from Africa are attracted to apples from Alaska.

    Blue, blind bears play the bongos when they feel blue.

    When coconuts crack up, they get a cramp.

    Divine dogs eat dongo chips and dongo dip.

    Enthusiastic elephants enjoy eggplant surrrounded by electric eels.

  22. My A-E alphabet alliteration poem:

    Accurate anteaters always give amazing answers.
    Blue bananas bloom in Brazil.
    Confident cats crowd around the couch.
    Determined dogs dig in the dirt.
    Enthusiastic eagles eat eggs.

    Also, since I want Miss Jill to be able to read the poem I wrote about her, here is the acrostic poem from Monday:

    Just and fair
    Loyal and trustworthy
    Loves life

    Always thinking of others
    Never puts others down
    Determined to succeed
    Enthusiastic about the Peace Corps
    Really brave
    Open-hearted and kind
    Nicest person I know

  23. Hi Kids,

    Here is my acrostic poem for my hero, Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    Race Equality
    Non violence

    Love and friendship
    “Us” Reaction
    Truth, he spoke
    Hope and honesty
    Respect is the effect.

    Knowing so far
    It’s what we are
    Not the color of our skin, but the
    Greatness that’s within.

    Martin Luther King

    Ms. Rankin

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