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Introducing: LINOIT!


Hello! Ms. Rankin and I would like to try a nifty new tool in the classroom blog. You have all used Post-It Notes, but have you ever used one online? Well, here’s your chance!

Here is my online canvas, “ROCKS!” I would like you to create and write a short note on your own Post-It to help me with an assignment for one of my classes. Please answer one or more questions in my green Post-It.

Thank you!


  • Click a Post-It from the tool bar.
  • Type your answer. Don’t forget to sign your name!
  • Choose a color font that you’d like.
  • Click “Post.”

Follow Up: Now that we have conducted our lab, you know even more about rocks! Please tell me what you have learned by answering the prompts in the “question” Post-It pinned in the new “Igneous Rock” canvas. Just like last time, there are sentence frames to help you if you need it. Thanks!


Our 4th-Grade Writers Prepare for the Big Mac Attack!


Look out for the Big Mac Attack  in a fourth-grade classroom near you!  The upcoming GATE Showcase Research Project requires a five-paragraph essay about a selected topic of interest.  So, our fourth-grade students are taking their delicious writing skills to the next level by organizing and composing a juicy hamburger essay!    In this post, I will enumerate the  components of a five-paragraph (aka “hamburger”) essay, provide examples of each yummy ingredient, and give you some tools to help you with your writing.

A five-paragraph essay includes an introductory paragraph which grabs the reader’s attention and states the thesis, three topic paragraphs that support the paper’s thesis, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the paper’s main ideas.  Here is a Hamburger Model for 5 paragraph essay:

  1. The top bun: introduction (the grabber/hook) and thesis
  2. The tomatoes: thesis support 1
  3. The lettuce: thesis support 2
  4. The meat: thesis support 3
  5. The bottom bun:  conclusion

An example of a five paragraph essay is this very blog post (how very clever!).  Look at my introductory paragraph.  Do you see the grabber or hook?  Right..Look out for the Big Mac Attack  in a fourth-grade classroom near you!  Now, do you see the thesis?  Right again…In this post, we will 1) enumerate the  components of a five-paragraph (aka “hamburger”) essay, 2) provide examples of each yummy ingredient, and 3) give you some tools to help you with your writing.  My thesis has 3 topics that I can address in the body of my essay.  In my first thesis-supporting paragraph, I listed the components of a five-paragraph essay.  In my second thesis-supporting paragraph (this one you’re reading now 🙂 ), I give you examples of each component.  In my third paragraph, I share some tools to help you write your hamburger essay.  And lastly, my concluding paragraph summarizes the main ideas of this writing.

Now, here are three handy  cooking utensils to help you in your writing kitchen: a hamburger graphic organizer, a Hamburger Model for 5 paragraph essay, and the post “How to Write a Hamburger Essay ~ comparing paragraphs and essays to the beloved hamburger.”  After a few rounds of practice with these tools, you will be able to cook up a scrumptious hamburger essay.

In this post, I shared the ingredients of a five-paragraph hamburger essay, I provided specific examples of each ingredient, and I offered a couple of tools to help cook up a delicious essay.  Writing has never been so tasty.  Bon appetit!

Our Online Poetry Exhibit and Competition


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

Our 4th-grade class is honored to present our end-of-year online poetry exhibit and competition.  On this post, we will each publish one selected poem from our Positively-Popular, Published Poetry Project.  On Friday, May 18, Tuesday, May 22 Friday, June 1, we invite you to log on and vote for your favorite poem.  Our online poll will remain open from May 18 through May 22 May 22 – May 28 June 1 – June 8.

Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry. ~ Muriel Rukeyser

Breathe in and enjoy, friends:

Album of Poems

Ms. Rankin’s Pod of Poets

Alexander’s Color Poem

Brandon’s Color Poem

Cesar’s Creature Alliteration Poem

Cindy’s Haiku Poem

Daniela’s Alphabet Alliteration poem

Gabriel’s Cinquain Poem

Jesenia’s Cinquain Poem

Jonathan’s Cinquain Poem

Kenny’s Alphabet Alliteration Poem

Leslie L.’s Acrostic Poem

Mario’s W-W-W-W-W Poem

Priscila’s Haiku Poem

Ms. Rankin’s Acrostic Poem

Oswaldo’s Acrostic Poem

Priscila’s Haiku Poem

Zaira’s Haiku Poem

Poetry ~ Truth In Its Sunday Clothes

A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.  W. H. Auden
This week we  begin our poetry unit.  We will explore and compose acrostic poems, alphabet alliteration poems, and cinquain poems.  We thank Ms. Renz and her 4th-grade class for her positively popular poetry project! 🙂
Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes. ~Joseph Roux
Here is a useful reference for you to use in the future!