Vote for the Most Persuasive Argument


This week, we finished writing, editing, and typing our persuasive essays on the topic of raising the Titanic.

Our persuasive writing had to include a title, an introductory sentence that states our opinion, three reasons that support our opinion, and a concluding sentence that restates our opinion.  To earn an A grade, we also had to provide elaboration (evidence, examples, and/or facts) to support our reasons.

We are including all of our persuasive writing for you to read and enjoy.  The essays that include elaboration qualify for the the online Persuasive Essay competition below.  Please “express yourself” by voting on the essay that you believe is the most PERSUASIVE!

Persuasive Paragraphs Against Raising the Titanic:

Persuasive Paragraphs in Favor of Raising the Titanic:


14 responses »

  1. Good work fourth graders!!! It was difficult to make a decision, but one paragraph really persuaded me that we should NOT raise the Titanic.

  2. Wow! Wonderful writing! I would read one piece of writing FOR raising the Titanic and I would be persuaded and then I would read another AGAINST raising the Titanic and I would be persuaded! I went back and forth and read all of them! I’m very proud of all of you. The opinion that I had at the beginning about whether or not we should raise the Titanic was changed by the end! Good job!

  3. Great job, guys! I really like the way you stuck to the assignment, writing clearly and succinctly. Daniela persuaded me not to raise the Titanic because she gave so many good reasons!

  4. I think people should stand for what they believe in, and I believe that my favorite is Zaira’s writing. It doesn’t matter what other people think; it only matters what you think. That’s being you.

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