Persuasive Writing ~ Should We Raise the Titanic?


Last week, we wrote and edited our first persuasive writing paragraphs on the topic of raising the Titanic.  Our writing must include the following components:

  • a title
  • an introductory sentence
  • three supporting sentences (plus elaboration for an A grade)
  • a concluding sentence
  • proper grammar, punctuation and spelling

Click here for our persuasive writing evaluation rubric.

We are now preparing to type our writing.  Click here for the persuasive writing template.

Update at 3:10pm:  We just came from our technology lab, where we typed our persuasive writing paragraphs.   (Blue highlights indicate areas that need to be edited.)

Persuasive Paragraphs in Favor of Raising the Titanic:

Persuasive Paragraph’s Against Raising the Titanic:

Assignments that Still Need to Be Turned In:

  • Edgar Ar’s Persuasive Writing
  • Erik’s Persuasive Writing
  • Gerardo’s Persuasive Writing

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