Resources for “By the Shores of Silver Lake”


This week, we are reading an excerpt from the book By the Shores of Silver Lake, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Here are some resources to improve your comprehension and enjoyment of the story.

  • To meet the author, click here.
  • To learn the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Laura Ingalls Wilder, click here.
  • For extra-credit Think About the Story questions to answer in the comment field, click here.
  • To read a story summary, click here.
  • To download our reading vocabulary and comprehension PowerPoint for the story, click here.
  • To learn the definitions to our vocabulary words, click here.
  • To practice this selection’s vocabulary words by playing an eWord  Game, click here.
  • To use the eGlossary, click here.
  • To take a vocabulary quiz and upload your certificate, click here.
  • To download and print a Hidden Message Puzzle to support the reading, click here.

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  1. I like your book a lot because it had good words in the book. That is why I like it a lot and I even learn good words in that book.
    your friend,

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