Join the Titanic Debate!



“The discovery of the Titanic has caused great controversy and has divided many people. Some feel that the wreck of the Titanic should be explored while others believe that the ship should be left undisturbed. There are countless opinions on what should be done with the ship…”

Click here to read several viewpoints on what should (or should not) be done with the Titanic.

What do you think?  Express yourself on our  poll in our previous post. 🙂


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  1. Today I played a game called Titanic expedition. You had to find artifacts that were in the Titanic. It was fun because it only gave you five minutes!!!!!!

  2. I love your game. I like it a lot because I leaned lot of words that I didn’t know, and I will play one more time, maybe not today but next time when I come to do another blog post.

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