“Should We Raise the Titanic?” ~ Persuade Me!


Lasy week, we read Finding the Titanic in our Houghton Mifflin reading book.  You can click HERE to learn about the author, play an eWord Game, use the eGlossary, and take an online poll.

The online poll asks, “Should the Titanic be left on the ocean floor, or should it be brought to the surface for study?”

This week, our writing assignment is to write a persuasive writing piece that answers that question.  What does persuasive mean?  Click here to find out!  Now, stay tuned to read our writing!!! 🙂 🙂  While you wait, you may join  the debate and express yourself on our very own poll. 🙂


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  1. I think we should not raise the Titanic because if we raise it, we will disturb the people that died and we might damage the Titanic.

  2. I think we should not raise the Titanic because if we raise it we would destroy their underwater graveyard and we might damage the Titanic.

  3. Hello amigos! I believe that bringing the whole ship up is impossible BUT how cool would it be to go through a museum that contained Titanic artifacts and read about what the pieces were, who they belonged to, and what became of the owners. What if we wait another 100 years? the Titanic will dissolve into nothingness! Keep up the good work guys! Love, Mrs. Lena ❤

  4. When we read the Titanic this week I learned that a lady named Ruth Becker was on board the Titanic.I enjoyed reading the Titanic.:D

  5. yes so that people don’t have to go to the bottom of the Atlantic to see the titanic and it might be already be disintegrating and we need to raise it before it fully disintegrates. And no because it could be damaged in the process.

  6. My opinion is that not only should we NOT raise the Titanic but i dont think it would be humanly possibal. Titanic weighs millions of tons and she is separated into a least two peices minimum, most lickly more now. when they did bring a piece of Titanic up that was about the size of a wall piano it weighed enough to almost break the machine bringing it up. not only is is not possibal it’s not right. bnut it’s the grave of hundeds of people. we arnt bring ing up the ship from pearl harbor, bucause it would disturb the untouched bodies and its a grave yard. why not have Titanic be the same thing. i understand that it would be good to study from. but we could also damage the Titanic. why damage a beautiful part of history.my opion is NO Titanic should stay in her spot at the bottom the the ocean.

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  8. If we even succeed, the wreck will disentergrate when in contact with air, since it has been coroded with saltwater for 100 years, and if the wreck was discovered a week after it sank, they still couldn’t raise it because they wouldn’t be able to raise it with technology they had and the hull would drag the ship down that is trying to raise it ,if it got off the ocean bottom at least a 1/2 mile from the ocean floor, that is something called physics, guys.

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