Resources for “Akiak”


This week, we are reading “Akiak: A Tale from the Iditarod”  in our Houghton Mifflin reading anthology.  Here are some resources to increase your comprehension and enjoyment of this reading selection.

Click on “Meet the Author” to learn about the author/illustrator.    Click on Robert J. Blake’s Website to go directly to the author’s awesome website.

Click on The Official Site of the Iditarod to learn much more about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race through videos, maps, news and articles.

Click on the video to watch a video about Syberian Huskies in the Iditarod.

Click on Flashcards to study our vocabulary words, play games, and test yourself.   Click on Matching Game to play a matching game with our vocabulary words.  Click on Word Search to complete an online word search of the vocabulary words.

Click on e-Word Game to practice the vocabulary words.

Click on Akiak Study Guide and Work Packet to download our class work for the week.

Post comments about the story, the author, and/or the Iditarod for extra credit (and earn $$ funny money $$ for Friday’s auction!).


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  1. I loved the story “Akiak” because it is very interesting. It is about a dog named Akiak which is very brave to win a race even though she is old and injured.

  2. Dear Mrs. Auwarter’s Class,

    Thanks for dropping by our writing blog today. I enjoyed reading your comments. Please feel free to drop by anytime. We will publish a blog post for every story we read in our Houghton-Mifflin Reading Anthology. We will also publish our students’ wonderful writing projects here.

    Express, impress, press on,
    Ms. Rankin

  3. This week we read a story called “Grandfather’s Journey”. I thought it was fun reading the story with my classmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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