Response to Literature Essay


In this mode of writing, you are asked to read a piece of literature and then write an essay in response to the text.

You will have a prompt to guide your writing.  The prompt may ask you to:

  • Describe characters and/or setting
  • Explain major portions of the plot
  • Identify the theme or the author’s message
  • Write from a character’s point of view
  • Explain a meaning of a poem

You must use evidence from the piece of literature to support your response. It is critical that you are able to “prove” that you are correct by using concrete details from the text (at least three examples from the story).

The topic sentence should be a restatement of the question and the name of the story should be included.

The essay should always be written in present tense.

Here are some tools to help you write a great literary response:


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