Our First Haiku Exhibit!


Today, we had our first class Haiku Exhibit. The exhibit’s purpose is to share our first attempt at original, modern haiku.  Nineteen students submitted pieces for our Haiku Exhibit.  We selected our favorite haiku, using this Haiku Voting Form.

The winning haiku poem was composed by Joshua.

Playful Birdsby Joshua


You can read a few more modern haiku by clicking on the poem titles…

Beautiful Moon by Ivan
Buzzing Bee by Joselinn
Blue Violets by David
Reaching Trees by Juliana
Beautiful Petals by Jessica L.
Green Elms by Jessie
Beautiful Water by Ricardo
Flowers by Getsemani
Violets by Elian
Yellow Flowers by Jocelyn
Playful Birds by Joshua
Beautiful Spring by Daisy

Feel free to EXPRESS yourself by voting for your favorite Haiku and/or leaving a comment.


Thanks for dropping by our writing blog!!


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  1. What a wonderful Friday afternoon treat for me to read all these beautiful poems. They were all so different one from the other. What wonderful poets! Thanks for sharing.

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