Hi, Haiku! Nice to Meet You!!


This week, we are reading a story about a journey from Japan to California.  The story is entitled Grandfather’s Journey.  Blog Hint: Click on the title or here to learn more about the story, meet the author, and play games. 🙂

Our writing assignment this week is to compose an original haiku poem.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Haiku is a non-rhyming type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku poets write about everyday things.  They try to capture a single moment.  Many themes include nature, feelings, or experiences.  Haiku poems are brief and simple.  The most common form for haiku is three short lines.   There is traditional haiku and modern haiku.  Ms. Rankin’s First Haiku is an example of traditional haiku.  Blog Hint: Click on traditional haiku to learn more about the form of traditional haiku and/or Ms. Rankin’s First Haiku to download and read Ms. Rankin’s first Haiku. 🙂

This week, our students will write modern haiku.  We will then share our haiku in a class Haiku Exhibit and Competition.  We will vote for our favorite modern haiku poem.  Please stay tuned…

Express!  Press on!!


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